Manav Kalyan Pratishthan, Uttar Pradesh

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Current activities

Current activities of the organisation
The organisation has acquired experience for more than 24 years in the fields of Agriculture, Integrated Health and Rural Development which includes, Income Generation Activity for Village women and unemployed youth, Education for Children, Rural Womens Awareness programme, Family Planning Programme, Mother and Child Health Programme, Flood and fair relief programme, Aids/HIV, Training of Trainers on income generation, Women Empowerment and skill up-gradation to rural women as well as village level Government functionaries etc.
Recently U.P. Government has recognized the services of Manav Kalyan Pratisthan by awarding Health Award and Trophy for year 2ooo.

The organisation received the Best Social, Rural Health, & Education Award from the then Chief Minister of UP State Mr. N.D. Tiwari on 18-11-1988.