Manav Kalyan Pratishthan, Uttar Pradesh

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Swayam Shidha Project

Swayam Shidha Project (U.P. Mahila Kalyan Nigam & Govt. of India)

Swaym Sidha Project is launched (Nov- 2002 to 2007) by the state govt. through the help of Govt. of India & World Bank, the Govt. has authorised Manav Kalyan Pratisthan to provide training to Village Women and accordingly many training is given to the Women by the Manav Kalyan Pratisthan. The training programme includes method of working, SHG formation, Education for women and Girls & awareness about Reproductive women & child health and education. The vocational training programme covers tailoring, embroidery, Knitting, Doll-making, Toy-making, Palm leaves. Basket making, rope making, cycle brush making, laboratory brush making etc.